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Alpha Wireless designs and manufactures innovative antenna solutions for wireless networks. Since 2007, we have been developing technology that solves the most common challenges our customers face. Our customers have installed 1.5 million Alpha Wireless antennas in networks throughout the world. We design 5G and legacy antenna solutions that serve the full range of available frequencies and applications, globally. Our easily concealed 3.5 GHz, CBRS, C-Band, multiband small cell and tri-sector solutions are solving tough network problems for operators, utilities, enterprises and stadium owners around the world. Bring us your challenges, and we’ll guide you to a network with the highest performance and lowest total cost of ownership.   Custom Solutions We recognize that every network has a different topology and every customer has specific goals and requirements. While we maintain an extensive core antenna lineup, our customers sometimes need a different solution, and this is where customization comes in. The first step we take is to listen to you. What challenges are you encountering? What are you trying to accomplish? We then create a custom solution for your network from whiteboard to prototype in 90 days. We deliver custom solutions faster than most vendors provide off-the-shelf solutions. How do we do it? First, our engineers love a challenge. Second, co-located headquarters and engineering offices expedite communications. Third, our antennas are modular, so we often combine available elements to create our custom solutions. Technology Innovation Alpha Wireless engineers have decades of experience designing antennas for an everchanging telecommunications environment. They constantly search for better solutions as industry changes create opportunities and challenges. Two Alpha Wireless developments offer tremendous benefits for 4G, 5G and fixed LTE networks. We build our dual-band antennas using our patent-pending Frequency Transparent Dipole Technology (FTDT). An antenna with a small form factor transmits two frequencies without interference, saving equipment, installation, rent and associated costs. We engineer our antennas for maximum side lobe suppression and less interference. With less interference, these antennas deliver signal-to-noise ratio improvement, frequency reuse, high levels of spectral efficiency and better cell edge performance. Success Stories Nextlink invested in the 3.5 GHz spectrum to expand its network in the American Midwest and cover underserved rural areas. The company needed to increase performance, save costs and prepare for 5G. Nextlink partnered with Alpha Wireless to design a low-cost antenna solution. The solution increased cell radius by about 20% and nearly doubled cell edge performance. The solution saved Nextlink $200 per month per cell site.