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StreamWIDE is a global communications leader providing secure critical  communication & collaboration Application Servers for Private LTE and 5G, CBRS, and carrier networks. Our solutions, Team on the run for business critical & Team on mission for mission critical, deliver operation solutions for critical communication markets i.e. utilities, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, education, and public safety i.e. gov't and military / security.   Our solutions are offered on premise or SaaS model. Our capabilities are State of the Art MCx 3GPP compliant, feature rich and PMR interoperable. Our products range from real-time voice, video, and data solutions to geolocation services and digital transformation of operational processes.   Our goal is to contribute to the digitalization of the workforce with our solutions  by increasing security, team efficiency, safety, and minimizing costs for innovative tranformations. Streamwide offers flexibility and scalability as each opportunity presents unique use cases. We offer the value technology brings by responding to the challenges industries face trying to thrive and compete in an evolving age of private networks. We provide the digital tools to compliment the introduction of Private LTE and solve the communication component.