How Do I Certify My Product(s)?

The OnGo Certification process is quite simple. In most cases you’ll be working with a trusted test lab that you already use for other products in your portfolio.

A company must be a member of the OnGo Alliance to have its products tested for certification and use the OnGo Certified logo and associated trademarks.

Step 1

The vendor checks the OnGo Certification Database for a list of OnGo Certification Authorized Test Lab or view list here.

The vendor contacts the Authorized Test Lab to arrange the test schedule and shipping instructions.

Step 2

The vendor downloads the OnGo Certification Request Form here.

The vendor returns the filled form via email to

Step 3

The OnGo Certification Body will provide a Certification ID.

The vendor provides the Declaration of Compliance and Product Description documents via email to

The Authorized Test Lab performs the necessary testing and provides the results via email to *

The OnGo Certification Body will work with the Authorized Test Lab and the vendor to help with the Certification process.

Step 4

The OnGo Certification Body will review the testing results. When your product passes OnGo Certification:

  • You will be notified.
  • The OnGo Alliance will add your product to our public list of OnGo Certified products.
  • The Authorized Test Lab will return your equipment (ensures successful certification prior to returning).

If your product does not pass OnGo Certification:

  • You will be notified of the reason for not passing.
  • You may resubmit your product for retesting.

*The OnGo Alliance has licensed the Wireless Innovation Forum’s Test Specification and Test Code to enable Authorized Test Labs to perform testing to obtain CBSD Authorization from the FCC. Click here for more information.