Welcome to OnGoings – the podcast series from the OnGo Alliance, an organization dedicated to accelerating the development, deployment, and adoption of the CBRS spectrum for wireless innovation. We are committed to providing the latest information and perspectives to help enterprises, system integrators, managed service providers, telecom operators, vendors, and the industry at large take advantage of the tremendous opportunities presented by the CBRS “Innovation Band”.

Our podcast series will feature experts from inside and outside the OnGo Alliance, providing insights, opinions, and analysis on topics ranging from real-world deployment use cases, their business implications, and critical success factors for private cellular, fixed wireless access, and neutral host networks. Join us as we explore the potential of CBRS and uncover the solutions it offers for wireless connectivity challenges.

In this inaugural episode of OnGoings – the OnGo Alliance podcast – we are talking to David Broecker, the Chief Innovation and Collaboration Officer for the Purdue Research Foundation, a private, nonprofit foundation created to advance the land-grant mission of Purdue University.

The Purdue Research Foundation deployed a private cellular network using the CBRS band in Indiana, covering over 400 acres in the Discovery Park district, adjacent to the Purdue University campus. In this podcast, David talks about their network, the progress they have made since the launch, and their future plans

In this episode we are talking to Richard Bernhardt, a Board Member and the Chief Marketing Officer of the Wireless Innovation Forum, the national standards organization for spectrum sharing and the Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Richard is also the Senior Director for Spectrum and Industry for WISPA, a non-profit industry association that represents and advocates for the interests of fixed-wireless internet service providers in the United States. Many WISPA members are already leveraging CBRS spectrum to deliver high-speed broadband services to unserved and under-served parts of America. 

In our discussion today with Richard, we will talk more today about the strategic relevance of the CBRS spectrum to WISPs and the broader community of service providers serving residents and enterprises.