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As individuals across the globe continue to be impacted by the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, it has raised many immediate concerns around our home lives and our work lives – from those dealing with the illness and its aftermath, to students whose education has been put on hold, to healthcare providers on the front lines, to hourly and service workers left without their regular incomes. We all must unite to help in any way we are able during this difficult time.

In response to this global pandemic, the CBRS Alliance has developed OnGo Together, a program with the goal of supporting those most in need and keeping us all connected at a time we can’t physically be together. We often take high-speed broadband for granted, but in times like these, we must consider those who don’t have access to such resources in order to stay informed, connected, and productive.

OnGo Together recognizes OnGo’s power to make a difference during this time by serving as a complement to existing wireless and wired services, leveraging the new CBRS spectrum band in the United States. We have asked our 156 member companies to volunteer their equipment, network services, and their expertise to get new wireless networks up and running wherever there is a need – from delivering emergency and healthcare services to ensuring that online education is available for all students who need it. The response from our members has been overwhelming, and we are now making OnGo Together available to FEMA, the Red Cross, the IT Disaster Resource Center, the FCC, and the Schools, Health & Library Broadband Coalition to ensure that our members’ resources and energy are directed where they are most needed.

Speaking for the Board and Officers of the Alliance, we are immensely proud and grateful for the response of our CBRS Alliance members who will be collaborating to make OnGo widely and easily available for key users to help limit the pandemic’s impact on the daily lives of our fellow citizens. We will keep you posted on the progress.