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Airports are some of the most highly-trafficked public and private spaces today– both physically and digitally. The vast number of travelers, ranging from families traveling on vacation to colleagues traveling on business, create an increasing demand for consistent and high-quality wireless connectivity. For example, digital advertising signage, mobile boarding passes, flight arrival, and departure status, passenger paging and passenger mobile devices are a few of the many ways airports depend on reliable connectivity. 

The Dallas Love Field Airport is partnering with CBRS Alliance member, Boingo Wireless, to provide an enhanced experience for every traveler who passes through the airport by leveraging OnGo™. Adding OnGo to Dallas Love Field has increased wireless network capacity and speed, as well as lowered latency of the network. As the first major airport to deploy OnGo, Dallas Love Field Airport provides advanced, dependable, secure, LTE-quality connectivity over the 3.5 GHz band.

OnGo enables Dallas Love Field Airport to provide a secure network infrastructure within the 3.5 GHz CBRS band to better its overall operations and render a secure and seamless experience for its travelers. Learn more about how the Dallas Love Field Airport is leveraging OnGo from Boingo Wireless Chief Executive Officer Mike Finley and Dallas Love Field Airport Director of Aviation Mark Duebner: