October 28, 2021  - October 28, 2021

Indoor cellular coverage is increasingly becoming a bigger issue in most commercial buildings. Whether you are an Enterprise occupying a building or a venue owner, the lack of mobile coverage impacts employee satisfaction or tenant churn.

The industry has been looking for solutions to this problem that are flexible, cost effective and can provide coverage for multiple mobile operators. Thanks to the availability of the CBRS band, OnGo Neutral Host Networks (NHNs) are becoming a very practical solution.

Join the OnGo Alliance on Thursday, October 28th to hear more about this new opportunity from an enterprise or venue owner perspective on how to approach an OnGo indoor wireless solution that delivers high performance without high costs and complexity, including addressing the following:

  • The Why – Industry Pain Points
  • What is OnGo and a NHN?
  • The Business Case, and why OnGo is a Preferred Model
  • Deploying a NHN Using OnGo
  • Q&A

Register for the webinar here.