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On January 16-18, the CBRS Alliance is holding its regular All Members Meeting in San Francisco. Since February 2017, the Alliance has more than doubled the number of member companies affiliated with the organization and continues its work with industry partners across the country. These meetings provide Alliance members with a chance to meet with fellow CBRS enthusiasts and discuss the progress being made in the development, commercialization, and adoption of LTE solutions in the CBRS band.

During the January meeting, the CBRS Alliance is opening up the meeting to business leaders who are interested in future-proofing their wireless networks and want to learn more about the opportunities presented by CBRS.

The CBRS Alliance will kick off the event with a general session in the morning, followed by a keynote address from Michael Peeters, Head of Nokia Incubator and President of the CBRS Alliance. Prior to joining Nokia, Mr. Peeters served as Chief Technology Officer for Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Business Line. Mr. Peeters has sat on numerous executive committees and boards and has implemented industry opportunities in multiple technology disciplines throughout this 20+ year career.

A panel session dedicated to Industrial IoT featuring thought leaders who offer diverse views on CBRS IIoT applications after a short break. Participants include: Camilo Barcenas, Lead Technology, Installation and Activation Consultant, Stanford University Medical Center; Michael Fitzpatrick, Head of Regulatory Advocacy and Senior Counsel for Government and Regulatory Affairs; and Andrew Scott, FUSE Executive Fellow at the Port of Los Angeles. The session will be led by Preston Marshall, Principal Wireless Architect at Google. Mr. Marshall will focus the discussion on the current network gaps faced by industries such as oil & gas, transportation, manufacturing, and power & utilities, and investigate the low cost, high capacity, speedy deployment and reliable security of private LTE networks in the CBRS band.

The event will also feature four sessions led by the Business Working Group, a segment of the Alliance dedicated to refining the technical and marketing requirements of various vertical business opportunities for CBRS technology. Attendees will have the chance to discuss common CBRS use cases and deployment models, define common business frameworks, and examine the use of standardized business models and agreements to enable the broader CBRS ecosystem.

Enterprises can greatly benefit from the deployment of LTE-based wireless networks in the CBRS band, and the Alliance acknowledges that no one understands the networking needs of an organization better than those who lead it. If you’re a business leader who’s interested in attending the CBRS Members Meeting in San Francisco this January, register online here or drop us a line at Also, be sure to connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on all the exciting work we’re doing.