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What is most exciting for your organization around the opportunity with CBRS and OnGo?

  • Alpha Wireless is very optimistic about the use of CBRS with OnGo, especially given that we have 10+ years of antenna solutions development covering the 3.5GHz band.  We have the largest portfolio of solutions that cover the CBRS band as well as multi-frequency products to aid with network upgrades or in greenfield deployments.

What verticals do you see as having the most potential for your business with OnGo?

  • Our portfolio of solutions is tailored to address a wide array of product application.  We work very closely with both ODM equipment companies as well as with network operators to create the best solutions to meet their design requirements.  A key differentiator for our CBRS product line is if we don’t already have a solution to suite an application, our modularized designs allow us to create new solutions in as little as 90 days.  This is unparalleled in the wireless industry.

What use cases do you see as having the most potential for your business with OnGo (private LTE, neutral host, etc.)? 

  • With the introduction of the OnGo program, it has dramatically helped narrow requirements across both ODM and operators. The resultant factor is less complexity with interoperability as well as manufacturing which drives down end to end costs, consequently increasing business opportunities to deploy affordable broadband services.  Through the use of CBRS and OnGo, we see great opportunities and broad applications across all segments of the wireless telecommunication industry from private LTE, MNO’s, MSO’s, Utilities, and Fixed Wireless Access markets.

Tell us about an OnGo deployment (completed or planned) that your organization is participating in.

  • Alpha Wireless was fortunate enough to work with a small Utility company in Newport Tennessee that was looking for a lower cost approach to deploying rural broadband as compared to fiber to the home.  We worked collectively with them to identify and offer an array of antenna solutions to meet their need for coverage and capacity on their small cell deployment sites.  Some sites required omni type coverage, which another required narrow beam panels to isolate sectors between a larger user base to increase the site capacity.

What OnGo products or services does your organization offer?

  • Alpha Wireless offers a full array of antenna and concealment solutions covering macro, micro, private venue, and small cell deployments.  We offer industry leading and patented Concealed Antenna Node products that are specifically designed to add in zoning acceptance processes while driving down both cost and deployment time by more than 50 percent.

What are your predictions on the upcoming PAL auction?

  • This is a hard one to tell, but given the number of PAL license applicants, we believe there will be a high interest and flurry of interest for licenses in the counties that encompass urban and suburban populations. The major MNO’s are looking to leverage CBRS for capacity offload, while MSO’s are exploring lower cost spectrum options.  Additionally, we estimate that the larger FWA companies will be most interested in the rural counties to protect their deployment investments.

By the end of 2020, what changes do you expect to see in the market for OnGo? 

  • We expect to see a marked uptake in the total number of network deployments over today.  There is a great amount of interest in the PAL auctions and outcomes that will influence the build plans nationwide.