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What is most exciting for your organization around the opportunity with CBRS and OnGo?

Our customers have relied on KLA to be at the forefront of technology for over 90 years, and being involved with CBRS and OnGo continues that tradition.  The CBRS band gives customers the opportunity to privatize their own LTE and 5G networks with the security of SIM technology.

What verticals do you see as having the most potential for your business with OnGo?

KLA continues to develop interest and concepts for our customers in the sports & entertainment, hospitality, medical, manufacturing, and industrial verticals.  With the IoT device numbers increasing at a rapid pace and 80% of all cellular traffic coming from inside a building, the demand for a reliable network is high.

What use cases do you see as having the most potential for your business with OnGo (private LTE, neutral host, etc.)? 

KLA views CBRS as a complement to cellular and Wi-Fi networks. We have a long history of providing our customers cellular and Wi-Fi services and now have an opportunity to provide a standalone or hybrid solution that gives them increased reliability, capacity, QoS, and security for their devices that depend on availability, throughput, and high data volume.

Tell us about an OnGo deployment (completed or planned) that your organization is participating in.

KLA has built a fully functional Private LTE lab to demonstrate the benefits and use cases in an active lab environment. KLA is also performing CBRS trials in large manufacturing facilities to test robotics, modems, cameras, 2-way radio services, cellular, and AR/VR, among others.

What OnGo products or services does your organization offer?

KLA provides full, turnkey CBRS services, including concept, design, installation, and managed service. All KLA services are performed in-house with our (6) CPI Certified Installers and OEM partner configuration certifications. Please take some time and visit our website at

What are your thoughts on the conclusion of the PAL auction?

As expected. With Dish Network adding additional spectrum to help further their aggressive build schedule, carriers targeting densely populated areas to offload capacity and increase throughput using carrier aggregation and fixed wireless providers are seeing an enormous opportunity in rural areas.

By the end of 2020, what changes do you expect to see in the market for OnGo?

Extreme increases in end devices as the demand and engineering ideas continue to grow. All of our surrounding devices can be SIM-enabled, connecting to a Private LTE network. Just like the Jetson’s had intended.