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Betacom is a Private Network Managed Service Provider, offering Betacom 5G as a Service (5GaaS), now with Betacom AirGap Protection for maximum security.   With Betacom 5GaaS, U.S. enterprises have streamlined access to cost-effective, high-performance private 4G/5G networks that they control, without adding new expertise or headcount. Betacom 5GaaS is a turnkey managed service. Built on the foundation of a nationwide team of experts who have deployed wireless networks for the top U.S. MNOs for decades, Betacom designs, plans, builds and operates the private wireless network using the latest technologies running over CBRS spectrum. Our enterprise customers retain ownership of the network and data, with network management delivered via the world-class Betacom Security and Service Operations Center, a modern AI-driven security NOC.   Betacom is deploying with customers across the U.S. who want the high-performance, low latency and security of 5G, but who want the networks to be private so that they can maintain local and secure control of their business data. Private 4G/5G networks have incredible potential to revolutionize the way that many industries, including transportation, manufacturing, and logistics, conduct their business and accelerate progress as they implement their Industry 4.0 strategies. However, design, deployment and management of these complex networks can be strong barriers to realizing the benefits.   Betacom identified this growing need in 2020 and developed Betacom 5GaaS – a managed service that enables Enterprises of all sizes to eliminate these barriers. Betacom is an expert at building and managing wireless networks, so the Enterprise can focus on their core business without having to worry about operating the network or adding resources.   Any new network must be designed to help Enterprises effectively face the growing threat of cybersecurity attacks, and IoT devices can be particularly vulnerable as they increase the surface area for potential attacks. Betacom has built network security into every element of our service, with Betacom AirGap Protection built on Zero Trust design principles.   Transportation hubs like airports seeking efficiency, manufacturing facilities that need reliable robotics, warehouses that require logistics automation to streamline operations, large retail environments that need flexible store layouts and computer vision for consumer insights – these are the businesses that will see immediate benefit from this first-of-its-kind private wireless service.