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TAIPEI, Jan. 29, 2021 – In response to fast-growing demands of distance learning, AMIT Wireless, a leading gateway manufacturer and an adept in enabling wireless M2M and IoT worldwide, today announced its brand new CBRS product solutions—4G CBRS USB dongle, IDG120-C6U01, and 4G CBRS WAN Extender, IDG500-C0612 with a WiFi feature that can help student populations gain wireless Internet access and optimize their learning activities from home through OnGo networks.

“Virtual teaching is now the new normal. Students with Chromebooks or laptops can benefit from OnGo networks via our CBRS USB dongles instantly. The plug-and-play design enables users to get online easily and continue their learning from home under seamless coverage with a more secure network,” said Victor Kuo, CEO of AMIT Wireless.

For multi-student households, in addition to Ethernet connection, users also can share WiFi with their families or devices they would like to attach. “Our new CBRS scenarios support educational communities and eliminate the boundaries of learning,” said Tim Hsu, Director of Product and Business Development. Besides the two newly introduced ones, AMIT also possesses comprehensive CBRS product portfolios to fit in different educational applications, including smart classrooms, campus WiFi, and security surveillance. “AMIT aims to provide state-of-the-art wireless solutions. Enabling OnGo connectivity to families and facilities is very helpful for boosting teaching and learning activities,” he stated firmly.

“Remote learning has grown exponentially during the COVID-19 pandemic and strained school districts’ ability to enable connectivity and deliver equal access to learning,” said Alan Ewing, Executive Director of the OnGo Alliance, an industry consortium with a mission to support adoption of shared spectrum solutions, which includes the CBRS 3.5GHz band. “We applaud AMIT’s innovation in delivering further options to educators that leverage OnGo, a reliable, secure and cost-effective approach to connectivity.”

Distance Learning with AMIT Wireless:

  • IDG120-C6U01  4G CBRS USB Dongle: It is equipped with a CBRS LTE Cat-6 module. Students could connect an OnGo network to school systems easily via its handy and plug-and-play design for their Chromebooks or notebooks. More details here.
  • IDG500-C6012 4G CBRS WAN Extender: It is a CBRS LTE Cat-6 end user device equipped with two RJ45 fast Ethernet ports for local (or uplink) connection. The all-in-one device allows learners to share WiFi with multiple users or the devices they would like to connect. More details here.


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AMIT Wireless Inc., specializes in building wireless connectivity for M2M and IoT applications. The main product portfolios include 4G/5G Connectivity, Industrial IoT, and Vehicle Telematics. AMIT has successfully built best-in-class industrial M2M/IoT gateway products that integrate 3G/4G, CBRS LTE, 5G, NB-IoT/Cat-M1, WiFi, Bluetooth, and LoRa. Currently, AMIT is the member of OnGo Alliance and WISP Alliance. Visit AMIT at