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By Joan Engebretson


The Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions and the CBRS Alliance said they will work together to resolve technical issues involving the citizens broadband radio service (CBRS) spectrum band. Among other things the ATIS, CBRS Alliance agreement aims to address challenges that arise when the spectrum is used on both a licensed and unlicensed basis to support mobile service.

The CBRS band includes spectrum between 3550-3700 MHz, a portion of which will be auctioned and a portion of which will be available for unlicensed use on a shared basis with incumbent military users. A spectrum access system will prevent unlicensed users from using the spectrum in areas where it is already in use.

Among other things, the CBRS Alliance is the group that created the OnGo brand for shared spectrum technology. Initially, the brant will apply to the CBRS band but longer term could be used for other spectrum bands used by communications service providers on a shared basis.

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