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Baicells, a global hardware manufacturer of LTE and 5G NR connectivity solutions, announced its Neutrino 430 LTE eNodeB has been officially certified for CBRS operations in the United States by the FCC.

The Neutrino 430 is a two-carrier 4x250mW indoor LTE base station with an integrated antenna that is designed to be rapidly deployed to help eliminate wireless dead zones and provide additional throughput and capacity in public and private wireless networks. This 2x2MIMO TDD base station can operate in Carrier Aggregation (CA) or Dual Carrier (DC) modes to provide increased throughput or capacity, dependent on the network operator’s deployment scenario. It has been crafted to compliment indoor wireless networks within the enterprise market sector.

“Everyone on the Baicells team is excited to have the Neutrino 430 complete CBRS certification,” said Max Hahn, Baicells director of marketing. “We envision that this base station will be used in a wide variety of indoor applications and will be deployed to quickly improve wireless connectivity for schools, retail locations, hotels, and stadiums.”

The Neutrino 430 offers a peak data rate of 220 Mbps on the download and 14 Mbps on the upload when utilizing carrier aggregation and offers 5,10,15, or 20 MHz per carrier along with supporting 1588 sync. Like all Baicells devices, it is designed to be quickly installed and can be configured via the Baicells CloudCore system to allow for rapid installation.

The CBRS certified Neutrino 430 is currently available in North America through Baicells distribution partners. If you would like to learn more about the base station, please contact for further information.

About Baicells

Baicells is an international company, providing disruptively priced and technically innovative 4G LTE and 5G NR Access Solutions that connect more than 50 countries across the globe. Our ever-expanding goal to “Connect the Unconnected” has led to the establishment of offices across five of the seven continents and the development of over 300 patents since our inception in 2014. Baicells currently boasts over 700 private LTE networks across the world, with a large percentage of those trusted networks operating within North America. To meet growing demand for increased connectivity, Baicells production is booming with manufacturing plants operating in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Vietnam alongside an extensive relationship with global manufacturer, Jabil.