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By Linda Hardesty


Cradlepoint sees an opportunity to provide private LTE to enterprises by using the Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) spectrum. The company says its wireless routers can be used in conjunction with the CBRS spectrum to provide enterprises with a way to escape from Wi-Fi in use cases where Wi-Fi is not sufficient.

“It’s really about replacing Wi-Fi,” said Ken Hosac, VP of IoT strategy and business development at Cradlepoint. “A lot of enterprises are trying to use Wi-Fi in applications where it’s just not working.”

For example, he said one of the company’s large enterprise customers has a warehouse with 500 high-definition cameras. The company is currently managing the camera connectivity and data transfers with Wi-Fi, but it’s not working very well. It has considered using public LTE to handle the cameras, but that’s undesirable because “there’s no reason to boomerang that to a public network and back,” said Hosac. “And, it would be way too expensive anyway.”

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