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By Joan Engebretson, Executive Editor, Telecompetitor


The industry moved a step closer to CBRS commercial deployment with the news yesterday that a CBRS module from Sierra Wireless had received FCC certification. The FCC certified CBRS module is designed for end-user devices, explained Dave Dixon, senior product manager for Sierra Wireless, in answer to questions from Telecompetitor. Sierra Wireless claims to be the first company to have FCC certification for that type of offering.

“Sierra Wireless sells radio modules to OEMs who integrate them into end user products,” said Dixon. “The end user device could be just about anything, but we see the typical devices as being tablets, laptops and routers/mobile gateways.”

Dixon said it is possible that the module could be used in a smartphone, but that smartphone manufacturers are more likely to use radio chipsets on their own printed circuit boards.

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