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Multi-spectrum radios FCC approved for deployment. The solution comes ‘5G Ready’ via software update through JMA’s virtualized RAN platform

Interoperability certified with OnGo ecosystem, spectrum access systems, and network services


Syracuse, NY, September 12, 2019 – JMA, a global leader of edge-based communications technology, announced FCC certification of the XRAN virtual baseband and Cell Hub radio product line as a multiple radio system for the new Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS). Certification covers Category A and B Citizen Broadband Service Device (CBSD) equipment classes, allowing for full commercial deployment of CBRS networks. JMA’s high capacity, scalable radio systems are ideal for deployment into buildings, campuses, metro areas and entertainment venues in both enterprise private networks or for mobile operator use.

XRAN and Cell Hub formally received CBRS Alliance OnGo™ certification, assuring interoperability and access to a broad selection of end user devices, customer premise equipment, spectrum access systems (SAS) and public-private network services.  With over 140 companies in the OnGo ecosystem, end users and system integrators can build a shared spectrum network immediately around JMA’s software based XRAN baseband and CellHub distributed radio system.

JMA’s completion of OnGo certification goes beyond being ready for shared, controlled and secure spectrum. It brings interoperability and assurances of a growing ecosystem around them, ultimately giving choice and opportunity for innovation to customers using OnGo solutions,” said Alan Ewing, Executive Director of the CBRS Alliance.

Cell Hub radios go beyond a typical access point or small cell architecture, providing an unmatched level of flexibility, scale, and versatility. Cell Hubs paired with XRAN are uniquely positioned to provide key end user benefits:

  • High capacity, multi-use stadiums and arenas can adapt use of the spectrum by area, event type, and for many different constituencies of the venue.
  • Campus or metro transportation systems can utilize the maximum amount of spectrum for multiple systems from mobile user or IT infrastructure
  • Buildings can integrate multiple network slices to empower varied use cases, including IT operations, IoT systems, private mobile staff communications, and mobile offload.

JMA’s current platform supports broadcast across the full CBRS band, carrier aggregation, higher order modulation (QAM), and MIMO configurations. Network slicing and multiple CBSD support is also included, allowing multiple service providers and simultaneous support of Priority Access Licenses (PALs).

Cell Hubs operate inside or outside using multiple remote antenna support and can utilize all 15 10MHz channels available in the CBRS band. XRAN is at the heart of the JMA OnGo CBRS system, providing the only CBRS baseband engine configured 100% through software to providing the ability to slice CBRS channels and enable highly flexible services. The system extends JMA’s line of CBRS omni and directional antennas systems, providing the industry’s most flexible end-to-end CBRS system.

Beyond CBRS, Cell Hub supports licensed bands such as AWS and PCS in a single radio. Paired with XRAN, new use cases open for enterprises. XRAN supports multiple core network connections on a single server, allowing enterprises to take advantage of CBRS on a private core while allowing carriers to connect to licensed, public safety, IoT and critical infrastructure spectrum from 600MHz to 6GHz simultaneously.

XRAN supports central deployment in any data center or edge location, running on common hardware, allowing basic plug and play deployment on standard racks and servers. Understanding space, power, and fiber will continue to be a premium, JMA designed the XRAN and Cell Hub solution to allow pooling of baseband intelligence and licensing, creating the most value and saving monthly costs.

“Cell Hub continues JMA’s commitment to openness and flexibility, allowing customers to take full advantage of CBRS as a private network or a mix of CBRS and licensed spectrum. The result is a lean, sliceable solution that changes the economics we move from LTE to 5G,” said Gilberto Brizzi, VP of Product at JMA. Cell Hub and XRAN are 5G ready via software update, requiring no hardware change.  Aligned with the OnGo ecosystem plans and FCC desires to make CBRS the first 5G mid-band spectrum in the US, JMA’s platforms will advance to 5G support quickly.

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JMA designs and builds next-generation in-building and outdoor mobile wireless systems, delivering the industry’s most powerful technologies that enable LTE, 5G, CBRS and LAA services on mobile operator networks worldwide. JMA XRAN™ leads the industry with the only 100 percent software-based RAN platform, combined with its TEKO™, NWAV, and RF distribution technologies. JMA’s CUSP unit provides Private Network solutions as well as Edge-based innovation across connectivity, content and cloud products. JMA is a U.S.-based company with manufacturing, R&D, and sales operations in over 20 locations worldwide. For more information, see or follow us on Twitter @JMAwireless.

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OnGo™ is uncompromised connectivity. An innovative approach to maximizing mobile broadband, OnGo is a technology that puts the power of wireless networks into the hands of those that rely on them to empower and expand business opportunities. OnGo presents nearly limitless options for enhanced customizability and allows users to tailor networks to a specific set of needs, such as Private LTE, neutral host and Industrial IoT applications, while providing investment protection as the first mid-band solution for 5G. OnGo Certified is a recognized seal of approval that indicates a product’s ability to meet a high set of quality, interoperability and security standards when tested by an independent, OnGo-Authorized test laboratory. Both the OnGo brand and the OnGo Certification Program are managed and maintained by the CBRS Alliance.