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Compact, industrial-grade device provides plug-and-play connectivity for barcode scanners, digital signage, vending machines, medical devices, smart grid, process automation equipment and more


The MultiConnect® microCell is easy to install and configure through AT commands. Ideal for failover, out-of-band management or primary internet connection over private and neutral host public access CBRS networks, it enables plug-and-play connectivity to a wide range of new and legacy assets and is powered via its USB interface.

“As enterprise cellular becomes a reality in the U.S., the need for simplicity in deploying OnGo based private LTE solutions is critical to this burgeoning market’s success,” said Mehmet Yavuz, CTO and co-founder at Celona, an innovative developer of wireless networking infrastructure leveraging the CBRS spectrum. “Thanks to its standard USB interface and plug-and-play functionality, the MultiConnect microCell makes it possible to provide connectivity to many business-critical devices via our infrastructure, allowing a business to have an end-to-end enterprise cellular network up and running in a matter of hours.”

“Easy to setup – MultiTech has brought CBRS connectivity into pretty much any device that can connect to the Internet,” said Alex Pairol, Senior Product Manager for RF Connect, a global leader and innovator providing telecom/wireless services to design, optimize and manage high performance wireless networks. “Take for instance commercial devices and industrial control systems, they generally always have a USB slot and can now be up and running over CBRS in in no time, or an existing Tablet or Notebook used by workers in vehicles or work sites, with a little help from the USB device can be pushing 200 Mbps in minutes.”

“Now that the FCC has authorized the Full Commercial Deployment in the CBRS band, we’re excited to see the device ecosystem supporting OnGo technology broadening,” said Alan Ewing, Executive Director of the CBRS Alliance. “MultiTech’s microCell offering will enable companies to make their existing assets and devices OnGo-ready so they can take advantage of the improved security, performance and resiliency that the CBRS band offers.”

As a CBRS Alliance member, MultiTech is among the first to develop products that conform with the OnGo specifications, addressing dedicated and Private LTE networks that provide secure connectivity to the now commercially available CBRS mid-band spectrum across the USA.

“USB modems are used the world over to connect the millions of assets out there that don’t have native wireless connectivity,” said Daniel Quant, VP Strategic Development of MultiTech. “With CBRS now off to the races, the simple plug & play microCell has already been quickly adopted by Industrial and Commercial Enterprises operating OnGo networks for improved coverage, privacy and cost.”

The MultiConnect microCell is a compact and simple communications platform that provides cellular capabilities for fixed and mobile applications. It is intended for use in settings such as vending, smart parking, smart inventory tracking equipment and commercial applications. It comes with support for Windows and Linux drivers and is CDC ACM compliant to ensure a plug-and-play experience. The device’s modem driver provides a virtual CDC Ethernet interface for ease of installation, configuration and management of cellular connectivity.

Visitors to Embedded World in Nuremburg this week can get a first glimpse at this and the rest of the MultiTech private LTE portfolio by visiting MultiTech at the Embedded Computing Design exhibit in Hall 1, Stand 500.

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