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Baicells Technologies, a leading manufacturer of LTE and 5G fixed-wireless hardware, and the Murray School District are leading the way to demonstrate how schools can help connect millions of children across the United States.

Plano, TX – September 15, 2021 – The beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the severe lack of internet access that many students across the United States face daily. Utilizing CBRS spectrum, the Murray School District has built a fixed-wireless LTE network using Baicells hardware to provide high-speed internet access to all 6000 students.

Watch a video discussing the deployment here.

Boasting one of the first private LTE networks in the nation, Murray School District’s initiative to better connect its students launched in January of 2021. Utilizing a combination of Baicells Nova 436Q base stations coupled with a variety of Atom CPEs and other connectivity solutions the school has taken incredible strides to eliminate the digital divide.

The private LTE network connects students directly to the school’s wireless network, providing students with the connectivity they need to participate in class and complete homework assignments. It limits their access to streaming services or video game outlets to ensure that students are using the wireless network to complete their school assignments.

Online learning is expected to continue well after the ending of the COVID-19 pandemic; building the proper infrastructure is critical to ensuring that it can continue uninterrupted in the future.

“The pandemic highlighted the breadth of the digital divide within the United States for a lot of people,” said Bob Stone, Director of Carrier Solutions at Baicells. “What a lot of people didn’t realize was the massive potential to build out these private LTE networks utilizing CBRS spectrum, that’s what we’ve been trying to highlight at Baicells over the past year. Our goal is truly to connect the unconnected to the internet. It is one of the most valuable resources we have for exchanging information and everyone deserves access, and it’s incredible to see how this technology can be used when it’s put in the hands of the right people. To see the Murray School Districts vision and execution of this project is incredibly heartwarming.”

“Baicells has been an amazing partner for the Murray School District LTE rollout,” said Jason Eyre, the school’s CTO. “Their products were immediately available and easy to install and configure.  This enabled my technology team to do the installs instead of having to outsource to an expensive contractor.  This also allowed us to build out the network in less than 100 days.”

Access the press kit here or contact to learn more about Baicells products and how they can help build private LTE networks for organizations.


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