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 IT Solutions and Managed Services Provider to Support the Adoption and Evolution of PLTE-Based Technology

Covington, Kentucky. — September 15, 2020 — A leading networking, LTE, security and IT services provider – is joining the ranks of the most innovative thought leaders in the IT space by becoming a member of the prestigious CBRS Alliance.

The Kentucky-based IT infrastructure and services company is proud to align itself with other outstanding problem solvers who are invested in providing customers with Private LTE-CBRS-enabled infrastructure. STEP CG brings world-class engineering and deep understanding of LTE-CBRS, 5G and traditional wireline, wireless and security solutions to help address the modern challenges facing today’s CIOs and CTOs.

STEP CG is excited about their membership and the initiatives they are preparing to undertake in the future: “As a leading IT solutions provider with extensive experience designing and deploying carrier-grade wired and wireless networking for enterprises, STEP CG is at the forefront of emerging technologies. Our membership in the CBRS Alliance, and partnership with major players in the industry who are driving the adoption of carrier-grade PLTE networks for enterprise customers, is a great fit for STEP CG,” said Todd Kelly, Senior Vice President, Engineering Solutions. “We look forward to collaborating with other Alliance members and growing CBRS adoption.”

The CBRS Alliance is comprised of industry leaders who are spearheading a technological movement focused on PLTE offerings. By joining the CBRS Alliance, STEP CG continues to define itself as one of the top PLTE integrators in the nation. Preparing enterprise customers, healthcare organizations, communities and schools for the future has always been one of STEP CG’s top priorities, and this new membership represents a meaningful development for their team of elite engineers.

STEP CG is a leading managed IT, security and cloud services provider and engineering firm that supports a full portfolio of networking, voice, security and professional service solutions. STEP CG’s network technology solutions are powered by strategic experts who possess advanced knowledge of wireless solutions. They work across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, financial, retail, legal, government and service providers. For more information about STEP CG and their PLTE-CBRS services, visit Call 513-795-6000 for IT support. Learn more about the CBRS Alliance and OnGo technology at