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Continued Partnership Provides Seamless Monitoring and Reporting

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, January 5, 2021 – Minnesota-based wireless technology solutions provider Telsasoft is pleased to announce that it recently incorporated Telesur’s 5G sites into their existing Telsasoft reporting and KPI portfolio.

Telesur, based in Suriname, South America, has utilized Telsasoft’s efficient network monitoring solution for over 10 years. Telsasoft’s alarming and reporting tools ensure optimal network performance and provide the critical KPIs that partners such as Telesur require.

“We are pleased to continue and expand our work with Telesur,” commented Roger Schmitz, CEO, Telsasoft. “The world is rapidly moving to 5G, and Telesur is a leader in this technology. Telsasoft can confidently provide a seamless transition of the 5G sites.”

Telsasoft is committed to supporting its customers as they move to 5G and beyond.

Telsasoft’s solution is vendor agnostic so they are able to monitor and report on network elements—regardless of vendor—and can scale easily as a customer’s private network grows. As companies like Telesur move to the next generation technologies, Telsasoft keeps pace to provide the tools to scale.

“Telsasoft’s ability to reflect multiple technologies and vendors on one platform is key to efficient network monitoring,” said Doric Ramlakhan, CTO, Telesur. “With our move to 5G, Telsasoft provided us with the information we need to know about our network performance, and our customers will benefit from consistent and reliable service.”


About Telesoft

Telsasoft is a privately held company with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1996, Telsasoft has a 24-year record of providing telecommunications service assurance tools to support and enhance network performance and management. Combining years of cellular expertise with customer feedback, Telsasoft’s solutions and operational software are designed to scale with businesses as their processes and network become increasingly complex.

About Telesur

Telesur is the only full-service telecommunications provider in Suriname. Established in 1981, the company offers services in Suriname and the Netherlands. With the implementation of the e-Suriname vision the company is constantly investing in innovative technologies in order to secure the digital future of Suriname.