The digital divide felt in Las Vegas demonstrates the barriers that digital illiteracy and lack of access to technology can create. The importance of proper broadband connection has been made ever-more important in the wake of the global pandemic as hundreds of thousands of students in the Las Vegas area were mandated to learn from home. Without dependable internet, about 30,000 youth were struggling to complete schoolwork and participate in class lessons.

On top of education, the city is also inching into the tech space and campaigning for more tech companies to relocate to the area. Without widespread high-speed internet access, the city will have a harder time competing with the Silicon Valleys of the world.

Download the case study here to learn how Baicells helped close the digital divide in Las Vegas by providing CBRS broadband networks to school children in a way that would connect them directly to their schooling without allowing internet usage for non-educational things like video games or streaming.