On June 27, 2018, the CBRS Alliance, Geoverse, IP Access, and Light Reading hosted an educational webinar for both members and non-members covering the CIO’s guide to OnGo for private enterprise networks.

Wireless networks have been essential for industries for many years. Now, in a world in which new software-driven operating processes have the potential to revolutionize productivity across virtually all industrial sectors, it’s becoming more important than ever to connect people, machines, and assets to business logic. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how OnGo offers connectivity without compromise for CIOs in sectors with industrial use-cases, either as they seek to refresh existing WiFi and private land mobile systems or install new networks to automate and optimize their operations.

Speakers included:

  • Gabriel Brown, Principal Analyst, Heavy Reading
  • Rod Nelson, CEO, Geoverse
  • Nick Johnson, CTO & Head, PLM, IP.access
  • Joe Lefort, Enterprise Technical Architect, Fortune 500 Company

Watch the full webinar here.