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Are you curious to learn more about the current state of CBRS and its significance to smart city projects? Meet with us at the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo from March 26 to 29 in Kansas City.

Municipalities, cities and regional governments across the United States have a need for digital inclusion and economic development for places like business and tourist districts. CBRS offers a cost-effective solution for these cities looking to deploy a wireless network to support smart city services – and will change the process as we know it with high speed internet access and efficient connectivity for all.

These types of organizations will enable public connectivity to engage with the community and extend broadband access to underserved communities, support large events such as fairs and concerts with sufficient data and connectivity, and enable new services like IoT, augmented reality, and environmental monitoring, all the while improving economic development through better broadband access.

With the support of over 85 members from wireless and IT industries, the CBRS Alliance is working to enable the utilization of LTE in the CBRS spectrum. CBRS will play a key role as municipalities, cities and regional governments look to deploy government owned wireless networks to provide services to their communities.

Drop by our Poster Session at the Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo on Wednesday, March 28 between 4:00 – 6:00 PM to learn more about how CBRS offers a high capacity and cost effective solution for municipalities looking to support smart city services.

Not attending the event but interested in getting involved with the CBRS Alliance? Drop us a line at and be sure to connect with us on Twitter and to stay up to date on all the exciting work we’re doing.