The next industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – is on its way with increased factory automation, expanded usage of robotics, a digital transformation of industrial processes, big data analysis, connected workers, cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, and reconfigurable factories, to name a few.

These capabilities create a need for high-capacity, high-reliability wireless connectivity within the factory. Other important aspects are the ability to keep sensitive data local while leveraging cloud analysis and access to a global ecosystem based on certified interoperability between equipment and devices.

How does OnGo make a difference?

OnGo addresses the needs of the industrial IoT by being deployed on-premise with dedicated equipment that is optimized to offer high-performance: capacity, deep coverage, seamless mobility, reliability, predictable minimal latency, security, interoperability, and quality of service. With OnGo it is possible to deploy private LTE networks in available shared spectrum instead of hard-to-get licensed spectrum.

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